ظ†ط§ط±ظˆظ† ط±ط§ ط¯ظ†ط¨ط§ظ„ ع©ظ†غŒط¯ :
a span between the moon and me

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کد دستی : 201502021113251325
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دوره فروش : روزانه
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It is naturally expected that poets write in their first language and take that literary step back into the language and cultural traditions of their own language group and region.
Azadeh Nemati is another Lapwing poet for whom English is not their mother-tongue but write their poems in English. Ulli Gerbig the German poet and Jan Oskar Hansen the Norwegian being two others. In so doing, there is possibly an escape from the tyranny of tradition even if that means adopting the traditions of another language-culture.
Then again. What is the language of poetry that evidentially transcends the limitations of any single spoken or written language? Azadeh, which in Farsi means ‘freedom’ has found a freedom in English, not to write what she wants to write but in a manner of writing that is not expected.

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