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A paragraph about the "Advantage of Studying Abroad". Could you please correct my notes  


  • There are numerous advantages to studying abroad. Firstly, students who study in another country have a golden opportunity to gain various gratifying experiences. Since students are supposed to live far from their family, they should not only cope with multifaceted problems, but should also overcome difficult (insurmountable would mean that they could never solve them) obstacles they encounter without the assistance of their family. Secondly, living far from their family makes students mature, and considerate, because living alone takes them into a new world with lots of responsibilities and commitments. Finally, studying in a prestigious university overseas can pave a way to a better future lives for students, simply by expanding students' knowledge, and broadening their horizons. When students can gain several qualifications in such universities, it is easier for them to find a good job opportunities (plural because they are not all going for the same job).

    The following has all the components of a good paragraph. 

    Read it through and identify why this is.

    Studying Abroad

    Studying abroad has two main benefits.  Firstly, people who study abroad can get a better job when they return to their home country.  This is because their qualifications and experience mean that they tend to get jobs that are higher paid, and they can also gain promotion quickly. Another advantage of studying abroad is the independence students can gain. For example, students have to cope with the challenges of living alone and meeting new people from different cultures.  As a consequence, they will become more confident in their life and in their relationships with others.  All in all, it is clear that studying abroad is a beneficial experience.


    نمونه های  نگارش یک پاراگراف مناسب برای امتحان نهایی

    Problems between generations

    There are many differences between generations that cause many problems for them. I strongly believe that the most important problems are different believes and expectations, different lifestyles and resistance to values. Different believes and expectations cause generations not to understand one another well, a good example of this is that the young generation believes that education cannot help them to be successful in their careers; however, the old generation thinks the opposite. The other problem is different lifestyle. Parents try to prepare their children for the future life based on their own standards and do not consider their children's ages and do not notice that the standards of life have changed. This is really a big problem. Finally, the other big problem is that most parents do not notice that the values have changed, and the young generation do not like to welcome the old ones; for instance, in the past, values such as cooking and sewing were important while these values are not important for new generation any longer.

    To conclude, I am on the belief that the main problems between generations include different expectations, different lifestyles and resistance to values.



    Smoking cigarette is one of the serious problems among people, especially the youth, and it leads to many bad consequences. Firstly, it appears that smoking has a great and direct effect on human's health and results in many diseases such as lung, heart and liver diseases. Moreover, smoking can be the reason for asthma, which is becoming more and more prevalent among smokers. Secondly, the bad smell of the mouth results from smoking cigarette. Finally, smoking can be dangerous for pregnant women and causes them to become barren.

    To conclude, smoking causes people, especially the youth to face many health problems. Firstly, it is responsible for heart, lung and liver diseases. Secondly, it results in the bad smell of the mouth, and finally barren results from smoking. So to avoid the negative consequences of smoking on human's health, some stricter laws should be put into practice to prevent smokers from smoking cigarette.




    Study habits

    A good study habit is one of the most important abilities that each student should benefit from due to some certain advantages. Firstly, I strongly believe that a good study habit can decrease the study time. Actually, if one benefits from a suitable study habit, he or she studies regularly, highlights the key points  and takes notes, then he or she will be able to review materials more quickly, so it takes him or her less time. Secondly, a good study habit causes to increase learning. In fact by having a good planning, leading to a positive study habit, one will be able to learn how to improve his/her strong points and address his/her weak points, so it causes one to learn more effectively. Thirdly, a good study habit causes one to be able to keep materials in one's mind for a longer period of time. Actually, a good study habit not only results in increasing focus, but also helps students to apply memory, concentration and motivation as practical studying tactics which are crucial components to achieve success in education. Finally, a good study habit makes saving materials easier. Indeed, many students struggle to incorporate what they learn day by day into a bigger picture of knowledge that they will be needing in their examinations, so a good study habit contributes to knowledge retention, making materials easier to be kept in mind.

    All in all, I am on the belief that a good study habit brings the student certain advantages. Firstly, it reduces the study time. Secondly, it increases the rate of learning. Thirdly, it helps students to keep materials in their minds for a longer period, and finally it makes students to save materials easier in their minds.


    The characteristics of a good hospital nurse

    Nurses are a group of health care professionals promoting health, preventing diseases, and saving lives. Moreover, they greatly contribute to the success and stability of healthcare institutions and to mental and physical wellbeing of their patients, so there are certain characteristics of a nurse making him or her a "good nurse". Firstly, a good nurse must be knowledgeable. Most people claim that a key characteristic of a good nurse is being knowledgeable in nursing and must be able to look at a patient's current state and actually assess what is needed, especially during emergencies. Secondly, a good nurse should benefit from an empathic attitude. Indeed, nurses must be able to put themselves in their patient's shoes to provide the quality care needed. Next, a good nurse ought to benefit from an emotional  stability because they feel the joy of seeing a new-born baby as well as the pain of losing a long-term patient, so emotional stability is crucial to deal with the wide range of emotions nurses must endure. Finally, a good nurse should be a good communicator. Actually, nurses must communicate with other nurses, doctors, patients, and patients' families closely in order to help patients to recover more quickly.

    To conclude, a good nurse should benefit from certain characteristics such as having enough knowledge in his/her field, having an empathic attitude

    find the irrelevant sentence.(نمونه سوالات امتحانی)

    (a)I never know what to do with my hands when I am giving a talk. (b)For instance, when I am making an oral report in history class, I have trouble with my hands. (c)Sometimes I put them behind me. (d)At other times I hide them in my pockets. (e)A good speaker does not pause very much while he is speaking. (f)Often I clasp my hands in front of me to keep them from shaking while I am speaking.

    (a)It was really a perfect day. (b)It was a day that made everything seem beautiful. (c)The sun shone brightly, but it was not too hot. (d)The flowers seemed to open up wider in the lovely weather. (e)It was a day when the world seemed brighter and happier than usual. (f)In the winter I have to stay indoors so much that I like to be outdoors in the summer.

    (a)Most ants are hard workers. (b)They often work from six o'clock in the morning until ten o'clock at night. (c)Ants may live to be a year old, and some have been known to live six or seven years. (d)The tasks are divided among the ants so that each one has a certain amount of work to do. (e)We do not know how they decide what work each one should do.


    (a)Dr. Alexander Fleming was studying bacteria. (b)In his laboratory he was growing a certain kind of harmful bacteria in small dishes. (c)One morning he came to work as usual. (d)It was a beautiful fall morning. (e)He looked at his dishes of bacteria and noticed something unusual. (f)In one dish there was a greenish-blue mold

    جواب امتحان دامنه واژگانی (توجه کنید چه کلمات ساده بودند)

    The 2000-word level

    Eg: he was riding a bicycle.

    1)      They will restore the house to its original state.

    2)      Each room has its own private bath and WC.

    3)      The total number of students at the university is 12,347.

    4)      They met to elect a president.

    5)      Many companies were manufacturing computers.

    6)      The lakes become ice-free and the snow melts.

    7)      They managed to steal and hide some knives.

    8)      I asked the group to invite  her to the party.

    9)      She shouted at him for spoiling her lovely evening.

    10)   You must spend less until your debts are paid.

    11)   His mother looked at him with love and pride.

    12)   The wind roared through the forest.

    13)   There was flesh and blood everywhere.

    14)   She earns a high salary as a lawyer.

    15)   The sick child had a very high temperature.

    16)   The birth of her first child was a difficult time.

    17)   My favorite sport is football.

    18)   In A.D.636 an Arab army won a famous victory over another army.


    The 3000-word level

    1)      They need to spend less on administration and more on production.

    2)      He saw an angel from heaven.

    3)      The entire herd of goats was killed.

    4)      Two old men were sitting on a park bench and talking.

    5)      She always showed charity towards those who needed help.

    6)      He had a big house in Cape Province.

    7)      Oh Harold darling, I am sorry. I did not mean to upset you.

    8)      Judy found herself listening to the last echoesof her shoes on the hard floor.

    9)      He cut three large slices of bread.

    10)   He sat in the shade beneath the palm trees.

    11)   He had a crazy scheme for perfecting the world.

    12)   They get a big thrillout of car-racing.

    13)   At the beginning of their journey they encountered an English couple.

    14)   Nothing illustrated  his selfishness more clearly than his behavior to his wife.

    15)   He took the bag and tossed it into the bushes.

    16)   Every year she looked forward to her annual  holiday.

    17)   There is a definite date for the wedding.

    18)   His voice was loud and savage.and shocked them all to silence.


    The 5000-word level

    1)      Some people find it difficult to become independent. Instead they prefer to be tied to their mother's apron strings.

    2)      After finishing his degree, he entered upon a new phase in his career.

    3)      The workmen cleaned up the mess before they left.

    4)      On Sunday, in his last sermon in Church, the priest spoke against child abuse.

    5)      I saw them sitting on stools at the bar drinking beer.

    6)      Her favorite musical instrument was a trumpet.

    7)      The building is heated by a modern heating apparatus.

    8)      He received many compliments on his dancing skill.

    9)      People manage to buy houses by raising a mortgage from a bank.

    10)   At the bottom of a blackboard there is a ledge for chalk.

    11)   After falling of his bicycle, the boy was covered with bruises.

    12)   The child was holding a doll in her arms and hugging it.

    13)   We'll have to be inventive and devise a scheme for earning more money.

    14)   The picture looks nice; the colors blend really well.

    15)   Nuts and vegetables are considered wholesome food.

    16)   The garden was full of fragrant flowers.

    17)   Many people feel depressed and gloomy about the future of mankind.


    The University Word List level

    1)      The affluence of the western world contrasts with the poverty in other parts.

    2)      The book covers a series of isolated episode from history.

    3)      Farmers are introducing innovation that increase the productivity per worker.

    4)      They are suffering from a vitamin deficiency.

    5)      There is a short term oscillation of the share index.

    6)      They had other means of acquiring wealth, prestige, and power.

    7)      The parts were arranged in an arrow-head configuration.

    8)      The learners were studying a long piece of written discourse.

    9)      People have proposed all kinds of hypotheses about what these things are.

    10)   The giver prefers to remain anonymous.

    11)   The elephant is indigenous to India.

    12)   You'll need a minimum deposit of $20000.

    13)   Most towns have taken some elementary civil defence precautions.

    14)   The presentation was a series of startling images.

    15)   This action was necessary for the ultimate success of the revolution.

    16)   He had been expelled from school for stealing.

    17)   The lack of money depressed and frustrated him.

    18)   The money from fruit-picking was a supplement to their regular income.

    The 10000-word level

    1)      He wasn't serious about art. He just dabbled in it.

    2)      Her parents will never acquiesce to such an unsuitable marriage.

    3)      Pack the dresses so that they won't crease.

    4)      Traditionally, men were expected to nurture women and children.

    5)      Religious people would never blaspheme against God.

    6)      The car skidded on the wet road.

    7)      The politician delivered an arrogant and pompous speech.

    8)      The Romans used to hire auxiliary troops to help them in their battles.

    9)      At the funeral, the family felt depressed and mournful.

    10)   His puny little arms and legs looked pathetic.

    11)   A volatile person will change moods easily.

    12)   The debate was so long and tedious that it seemed interminable.

    13)   Drink it all and leave only the dregs.

    14)   A hungry dog will salivate at the smell of food.

    15)   The girl's clothes and shoes were piled up in a jumble on the floor.

    16)   Some monks live apart from society in total seclusion.

    17)   The enemy suffered heavy casualties in the battle.

    18)   When the Xmas celebrations and revelry ended, there were plenty of drunk people everywhere.






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